Workshop and fieldwork in Saint Petersburg and Sosnovy Bor, Russia

20-25 May, 2018 The Atomic Heritage research team held a project workshop in Saint Petersburg including two days of fieldwork in the atomic city of Sosnovy Bor, Russia. We visited the Leningrad nuclear power plant, with four old RBMK reactors soon to be taken out of use and two new VVER reactors under construction. The pictures below show the site where the second VVER reactor is currently taking shape, and the turbine hall with the huge rotor assembly not yet installed, and furthermore the team and our guides in the RBMK reactor hall and control room.

Photos from the VVER construction site, courtesy of Chubar Dmitriy and the Leningrad nuclear power plant. Photos from the RBMK reactor, courtesy of Eugeny Rozov and the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

The Leningrad nuclear power plant is located on the Gulf of Finland and dominates the view from the beach of Sosnovy Bor. In the city, the two generations of nuclear reactors are also visible in generations of residential areas, as well as in a museum currently in the making. In Saint Petersburg we gave a seminar at the Higher School of Economics on the topic of Atomic Heritage within the series of “Global Energy Politics and History”.

Photos: Anna Storm 2018.