Heritage conference in Hangzhou, China

1-6 September, 2018 The Atomic Heritage research team participated in the Association of Critical Heritage Studies 4th Biennal Conference Heritage Across Borders, held at the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. We organized a well-attended session on the topic of Atomic Heritage and participated in a session on Heritage and Posthumanism.

Photos upper left: Anders Houltz

China has over 40 operating nuclear reactors, and in the Shanghai-Hangzhou area overground transmission lines dominate both rural and urban landscapes. However, the only two explicit radiation encounters outside conference discussions during this trip surprisingly appeared, first, in the Chinese tea museum, as “preventing radiation damage” is one of many stated health effects of drinking tea and, second, in an underpass in central Hangzhou where a signboard described in detail how to protect oneself in case of an atomic explosion, for example, to hold one’s breath for 20 seconds after the blast and to keep hands underneath the body.