International workshop on keeping the memory of radioactive waste storages, Sweden

21-23 May, 2019 What is the message we are to communicate to future generations about our radioactive waste storage? “Keep out?” “Do not dig?” And how is it to be communicated over such time horizons as 100,000 years? To discuss these questions, a group of representatives from nuclear waste management companies, radiation safety authorities, environmental organisations and universities gathered for three days in Stockholm. The workshop was titled “Information and memory for future decision making – radioactive waste and beyond” and co-hosted by Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste (Kärnavfallsrådet), Linnaeus University and National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet). Anna Storm was part of the wider organizing committee and Tatiana Kasperski, Andrei Stsiapanau and Florence Fröhlig also participated in the workshop.

The proceedings of the workshop are available for download here.