Fieldwork in Caithness, Scotland

10-13 June, 2019 Egle Rindzeviciute travelled to Thurso in Caithness, Scotland, to explore cultural heritage processes as they take shape during the decommissioning of Dounreay nuclear establishment. Rindzeviciute met with James Gunn, the Heritage Officer at Dounreay, as well as the members of Dounreay Stakeholder Group, June Love and David Flear. During the visit, the key heritage institution in Thurso that features an atomic collection, Caithness Horizons Museum, remained being shut because of the discontinued funding. There is, however, a keen interest in remembering and preserving the history associated with the construction and operation of Dounreay’s reactors, a process that contributed to the growth of the local community and a significant expansion of the town. The key question is what forms of commemoration and preservation of atomic heritage can be sustainable in such a stunning but also remote area as Thurso. These questions will be addressed in a workshop, organised by Rindzeviciute, that will gather scholars and stakeholders and which will take place in Thurso on 9-13 September. The P.I. of Atomic Heritage Goes Critical, Anna Storm, will be participating in this workshop. Watch this space!