Review essay: Chernobyl as Technoscience

In her review essay, published in Technology and Culture, Egle Rindzeviciute considers the TV miniseries Chernobyl (HBO, 2019) to engage in a wider debate on the social and institutional production of technoscience. The essay explores whether the series resonates with the existing narratives and interpretations of Soviet technoscience in scholarly historiography. Rindzeviciute suggests that although the series downplays important aspects of Soviet history, such as international knowledge transfer, it successfully demonstrates the hybrid character of nuclear power and the complexity of the relationship between scientific expertise and policy decision-making. This essay was informed by the discussion with the participants in the webinar (Re)Placing Chernobyl (May 14, 2020), hosted by Kingston University and the FRINGE Centre for the Study of Social and Cultural Complexity, University College London, which could be viewed on YouTube.

The link to the essay is here.